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Puppies in Progress

Puppies in Progress Classes

(Up to 6 Months old)

Our Puppies in Progress course is a personal and updated approach to the traditional puppy training class. Our course is the perfect start for you and your new family member. By the end, you will be able to effectively communicate with each other, fully understand their social skills and requirements, as well as have a confident, happy pup!


 How are we different and why choose us?  

 Having 2 IMDT qualified trainers work together to build a calm and positive environment, allows your puppy the time and space to learn at their own pace, and will also allow their individual social skills to flourish. Our course is limited in participants which not only creates the perfect learning environment but also guarantees lots of 121 time with a fully qualified trainer.


 We have a strong desire to teach you how to understand your puppy and how to communicate with them effectively. Our goal is to give you both the best start with lots of learning opportunities, opening the door for you to have a long, happy and healthy life together. 

The course will involve a mixture of key puppy behaviours that will help you and your puppy and grow as a team. We will be prioritising:


 Practical Behaviours – Settle on a mat/bed, Drop, Recall and Loose Lead Walking.

Care Behaviours – Body Checks, Feet & Nails, First Aid and Targets.

 Mental Enrichment – Sounds, Textures and Smells.

Socialising and focusing around distractions.


You will be awarded with a certificate for you and your new best friend on successful completion of our Puppies in Progress Course!

To enquire about booking this service please send an email using the button below.